Disposable wooden eco-tableware
We do care about the future of our Planet and we are not going to stand aside!

Disposable wooden

We do care about the future of our Planet and we are not going to stand aside!
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Our manufacture
Manufacturing facilities of ECOARMY are located in the ecologic region and this is not a random choice: we were trying to find a region, which is not only rich in resources needed for manufacturing purposes but also outstanding from the point of view of environment. All this we did for providing our personnel with the most comfortable living and working conditions.
All our products are FSC certifired (FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL). This is a telltale sign of the fact that our wood comes directly from forests where we conduct environmentally and socially
responsible forest management activities
Our tableware is 100% organic: we manufacture our products using only wood and water free of any chemicals.
Advantages of using disposable wooden tableware
Using biodegradable wooden tableware is the only efficient method of struggling against plastic waste and here is the list of reasons:
Environmentally friendly
It's envirosafe product manufactured from organic raw materials.
It is fast-recycled, without causing any environmental damage.
Low cost
Disposable wooden tableware makes it possible to reduce the consumption of natural resources which are necessary for plastic manufacture.
It doesn't harm our health: coming into contact with food, liquid and also heating won't release any harmful elements (you can use it for heating food in a microwave oven).
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Here in our ecologic region we set up the manufacture of disposable wooden tableware with our own design: dishes, spoons, forks, knives as well as complete picnic kits.
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Ecoarmy CEO
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